Wednesday, June 3, 2009

United Socialist States of America

Like the ice warnings ignored on the Titanic, the warnings of Pumas went unheeded, and we've hit the iceberg...

Remember when we were smeared for daring to mention Obama's Socialist background? Or to draw attention to his determination to redistribute wealth? We were racists to point out his lack of executive experience or that the only thing he seemed good at was running for things.

We are now trapped on board with another learn-on-the-job president who, like Bush, is making it up as he goes along, and pontificating about his crazy schemes as if they are the height of careful thought and prudent planning. He isn't slowing down the ship of state for a few stinking economic icebergs!

With the mantle of captain ithat he's had since January, he has remade this country in a Socialist image. The government now owns majority shares in crooked banks and a bankrupt auto company. What's next? Buying majority shares in U.S. Air?

I never imagined I'd see the day when taxpayer money was mixed with bad assets from derelict companies that are doomed to fail. The U.S. owning GM does not change the fact that no one wants their cars. Will Obama supporters sell their Priuses, or their Toyotas, and stand behind The One by buying themselves a Chevy Malibu?

I doubt it.

Next up - health care. We are going to have a horribly expensive system foisted upon us and no one can stop it. The GOP is in dissarray and unable to marshal any kind of opposition that can be taken seriously. But my god do we need some opposition to patch this sinking ship of spend, spend, spend - which really means debt, debt, debt.

We will never crawl out from under the towering load of bad debt Obama has burdened American taxpayers with. There aren't enough lifeboats and we are still locked in steerage. He will be long out of office, living fat on the proceeds of his next memoir, and speaking engagements, while those of us who have real jobs see ever more of our hard-earned money going to pay for these boondoggles while our own standards of living sink like the Titanic.

My ennui about politics has given way to surrender. It doesn't help to say I told you so a year ago. The media honeymoon with this charlatan continues, and the standard of living in the U.S. slides irrevocablyy under the waves, holding hands with our deccimated economy.

This is on his watch, people. Not Bush's. Obama's. Remember that.

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