Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I Hate PCs

My name is Janis and I'm a Mac person. A year ago, I had a slip. I thought I could do without a Mac. I thought a PC would be just as good. This is my story...

It all began decades ago... I started out on PCs, like everyone else did back in the Stone Age. IBMs at workl. Macs were clunky things with tiny screens, absurdly expensive, and not much software ran on them.

When it came time to buy one for home, my friend Terry recommended a Mac. They were much more user friendly (didn't need to know what :/C/whatever meant), better graphics, but still more expensive and not much software ran on them. I bought one in 1995 and had it for years.

About 8 years or so ago, I wanted a faster one, a laptop, so I got an iBook. Loved it. I'm still using it today. It was more expensive than PCs at the time, and not much software ran on it that wasn't made by Mac. It did what I wanted - which was mail, internet browsing, and Word stuph, so no problem.

When I got interested in playing online poker, I found the 2 measly sites that were Mac compatible. But that worked and it was fun. Then Congress shoved a law through to put an onerous burden on banks to monitor funds being used to play poker online, attached to a bill on protecting freight in harbors from terrorism (like the two were connected in any way). The two sites I played on freaked out and banned U.S. players!

I found the one and only other site that was Mac compatible AND wasn't afraid of Uncle Sam, and started playing there. But they kept upgrading their software, and the day came when it no longer ran on my elderly iBook...

Well I'm not giving up poker!

Do I buy a new Mac or a PC? $1600 or $600?

I've got the iBook that still works. I need a toy to play poker on. I saved the grand and bought a Dell last October. My eyes were wide open though. My partner had had a Dell and it lasted only a few years. Others I knew bought them and had no end of problems.

I've never had my iBook looked at by a technician, other than to upgrade software. My previous Mac, same thing. My work Macs - ONCE a hard drive had to be replaced, and I've had probably 7 different Macs at work. We upgrade to improve performance, not because they ever break down, because they don't.

Got the Dell. Downloaded my poker. All good.

Monday night, something happened. I have no idea what. Harvested my Farm Town crops. Closed IE. Put the lid down on the computer so the cat can't walk on it, and went to bed, like I always do.

Tuesday morning, I wake it up so I can check my crops on Farm Town, and whoa... the background is different. The dock is changed. There are gadgets on it I've never put on it, including weather for San Francisco (I live in NY)...

My pictures are gone. All of my music is missing from iTunes. All of my bookmarks are gone from IE and it is littered with MSN logos and other marketing shit. There is a google desktop icon on my desktop that won't look on my hard drive for things but wants to look for my music files on the freakin' internet!


I didn't throw it against the wall, which is a good thing. But I was pissed and frustrated.

Last night, I tried to see if I could figure out what happened. I can't do it. I no longer speak :/C. Unlike a Mac I can't just doubleclick on the harddrive and actually LOOK at what is there. On Macs, I can find anything and fix anything. On this thing, it's like you can only peer through the keyhole at the vast warehouse where your stuff *might* be. It's like Warehouse 13 in there!

I do searches and results come back that my stuph doesn't exist.

Fortunately, I live with a geek, who sat down with it at 9:30 last night and by 11 had my music back in iTunes. My photos back. My bookmarks back in Firefox (hate IE anyway). Seems the computer, for whatever reason, stopped recognizing me. It thought I was someone called "Admin" and evidently Admin isn't allowed to actually KNOW what is on my computer.

Like I said, WTF?!!!!

At least I didn't have to replace it. But next year, on the destiny map, goes a picture of a nice, shiny new Mac laptop...


Amy Biddle said...

True dat!

Actually, your computer didn't think you were "Admin". Everything went into "Temp" (and temps obviously don't know what's going on).

Being a Mac convert myself, I'm very happy with my MacBook and only occasionally use my Windows emulator software (VMWare Fusion).

It was definitely a WTF scenario.


appledyl said...

I agree. It's definitely like looking into a warehouse.

ssoccerbear said...


poppyseed said...

We have a Mac and PC. The MAC works 100% of the time. The PC - maybe 50.

Anonymous said...