Monday, July 6, 2009

Women Crushing Women

Tina Brown, of "The Beast", wrote a pathetic piece (which I refuse to link to), insulting Sarah Palin for resigning as governor of Alaska. The only thing that made any sense in her sexist bash of Palin was likening the Governor to Princess Di. I think the late Diana would certainly understand the media feeding frenzy that has dogged Palin's footsteps since she had the bad luck to answer the phone the day McCain called...

The headlines about Palin feature words like "whining", "quitter", "incoherent". Only once did I see the true word used - bloodsport - and only to deny that this was what has been going on. Of course this is what is going on! From the lies about Trig, to sexualizing and attacking her minor children. Inventing things about her political past. Insulting her for how she looks, how she talks, what she says.

And who is out there in front most of the time, inciting the lefty villagers to riot? Women. Liberal Democratic women. Shameful and disgraceful.

Not one headline that I have seen is writing about how this woman has been hounded out of politics. We are turning a blind eye to this people, and it sucks.

This is the work of the Obots. The liberal left that shanghaied the Democratic party has been hounding Palin for over a year. Why?

Their guy won. Isn't that enough? But no, it isn't. I have never seen such poor winners in my life!

Women have suffered such a huge setback politically and culturally, thanks to Obama and his minions. Those of us who see it, who have seen it for nearly two years, since the sharp knives went after Hillary for having the audacity to be a female, are not surprised it continues.

What makes me sick to my stomach is to see so many women colluding with the destruction of a historic female figure in American history.

But I don't blame Palin for throwing in the towel. I can't imagine many women would have stood it as long as she has. I haven't had the stomach for reading about politics for months. Haven't blogged since June 3rd. I threw my own towel in then, because the hysteria gripping this country is simply too strong and too insane to push back against.

Sarah, I'm right there with ya. Thanks for making history, and for being an example of class and dignity under murderous "friendly" fire.

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miscellani said...

good to see you posting again Willow

yeah sadly, not much has changed and many lessons are yet to be learned. Some women are woman's worst enemy.