Thursday, September 24, 2009

Political Ennui Remains

Nine months into the Obama regime and I still have no stomach for politics. Like the Bush years, I am just waiting for the Obama-mania to run its course. Only then will the truth about him ever have a hope of seeing the light of day. We watched him handing over our grandchildren's incomes to banks and car companies, while he insisted he knew what he was doing. We watched the nations debt spiral so out of control as to make the Bush debts seem trifling. Now we see him trying to show a crappy health care "plan" onto our backs and finally, finally, there is a little pushback.

But of course those who are pushing are just racists, aren't they? Sigh...

The mania to rubberstamp everything this charlatan wants has subsided. Even Democrats who feared him nine months ago are starting to see that if they remain tied to him their re-election chances are beginning to ebb.

There are plenty of people who still love this guy. I know people who have framed pictures of him on their walls at home. Who have those annoying "yes we did" signs in their cars. It's rather sad to know that people I love bought his act so thoroughly. Gave him their money. Volunteered for his campaign by intruding on the election process of neighboring states (sorry, Pennsylvania).

So I don't write much these days. I don't read much either. It is back to the Bush era approach for me of knowing the day will come when he will be gone. I can only hope that next time we actually elect a qualified and honest leader. Or as honest as they get in politics.

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