Friday, October 23, 2009

Women Targeted by Drug Companies

Valium (for those nervous women dontcha know...), thalidomide, and now Gardasil - dangerous drugs with devastating effects, prescribed by doctors and pushed by drug companies. When will we learn that a drug is not the answer to everything?

"...What would be the point in promoting the inoculation of millions of girls and women with a useless, sometimes dangerous drug? And it really is useless: Merck's current project is to push it to pre-teen girls, but Dr. Harper pointed out that, once a girl hits puberty, any effectiveness of the vaccine disappears, and she has to start over again with the course of shots. And by the way, the efficacy of the drug in pre-teen girls hasn't actually been tested..."

The point would be lining Merck's pockets!

American Thinker: Gardasil Shows Why Government Health Care is Dangerous

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Destroyed by medications said...

Women are targeted by drug companies. They are sold on addictive antidepressant medication in the same way that tobacco companies targetted women to smoke 70 years ago.

Big Pharma marketing has been successful selling sadness to women. Women consume more than twice the number of any depressants thatt men do.

Women need to stand up for them selves.