Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tax penalties and prison - Washington Times

Tax penalties and prison - Washington Times

Obama/Pelosi bill would inflict fines and jail time on poor families who cannot afford the *mandatory health insurance* the Obamacare bill insists they buy. What the hell are the Democrats thinking? How is THIS a good idea?

Obamacare is the reintroduction of Debtor's Prison in the U.S.A! Of incarcerating citizens for not being able to pay debt. We're not talking the Madoff's fo the world, who've hidden their ill gotten gains abroad. We are talking about Joe Smith, who has a low paying service job, a wife, a few kids, and doesn't make enough money to feed his family, put a roof over their heads, AND buy health care insurance that Obama/Pelosi would insist he had to do. Failure to do so means a big fine, because hey if a guy can't afford the insurance he must have fine money laying around, right? And let's lock him up if he can't pay up. That'll teach all those poor people a lesson!

That is NOT the country I grew up in, but it sure as hell is the country the Liberals are foisting upon us. It's so hypocriticial. Feigning concern for the poor uninsured, then banging the drum of support for a bill that would throw those same people in jail.

I remain a registered Democrat because there is no viable alternative. The Republicans are cold hearted bigots. I believe that eventually sanity will return to the Democratic Party, but realize it won't be until after Obama runs the ship of state so far onto the rocks that even the diehard Believers will put down the koolaid and see that he has been the kind of president you get when you elect someone with no executive experience and 143 days as a U.S. Senator before hitting the campaign trail for a year and a half.

Obamacare is not a sane idea. It is madness. It would put into law ideas that are repugnant to most Americans. Jailing people for not buying insurance... What kind of country does that? What kind of president thinks that's a good idea?

And why isn't the mainstream press covering it? Oh wait, I forgot. The mainstream press has been part of the Obama spin machine for 2 years now. They have forgotten how to investigate stories without an agenda. Fearing explusion from the old boys club at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that allows NBC and other media hubs access to Obama that would be slammed shut if they reported anything slightly critical of him, they say what will keep them in the door.

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