Thursday, November 12, 2009

To NARAL, NOW, Ms Magazine, Emily’s List, all Clairol Girls who ignored The Signs, How ya doin’?

"There’s a little gift waiting for all of you for endorsing Barack Obama.

Congratulations, the misogyny is about to complete itself. Start hauling all the water all over again. My generation did it once for you and you let it all be whittled down."

Read the article. A reminder of the many, many, many signs that Obama and the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party wrote women off as inconsequential long ago. They knew during his campaign that they didn't need to woo the majority of us, and they were right. Those of us who didn't buy his act were bitter menopausal women who "didn't get it". I am proud today that I was not one of you women who bought his act so blindly. But Goddess how I wish you could have heard me back then, or opened your adoring eyes and seen for yourself how empty were his promises because he had a track record of ignoring women's issues from his brief time in Illinois government.

There is no satisfaction in saying I told you so now. But it still needs to be said.

Women who voted for him, he sold you, your daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends out. I feel sorry for you because I know you believed he meant what he said.

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