Friday, December 4, 2009

John McCain is Right

Opposing view: Don't slash Medicare - Opinion -

Wow. My 87 YO father, who is pretty healthy and lives on a fixed income, JUST went to Medicare Advantage a few weeks ago, so he could have better care. Now the Democrats want to slash his benefits IN HALF.

And call it "health care reform". It's reform alright. Reform from adequate coverage to inadequate. Where's the hope and change in that, folks?

President Reid and President Pelosi are the architects of these health bills that are destined to drive up our deficit and lay a huge burden of debt on top of the huge burden of debt the non-stimulus bills have throw onto our children and their children.

Where is Obama? Golfing. Turning Afganistan over to his staff to run. Packing for Copenhagen. Polishing up that Nobel PC speech.

We got exactly the president we deserve from that sham of a corrupt election. In fact, we got three for the price of one, because the one who was inaugurated has abdicated creating policy to the leaders of the House and Senate.

So I guess we did get our first female president after all!

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