Thursday, December 17, 2009

You didn't need a crystal ball to see this coming...

"...Obama's had the biggest approval ratings drop of any first year president in history. He has disappointed most of his supporters on the left. And he has accomplished little to nothing in his first year that has showed any concrete results in spite of him giving himself a B+.

What he has done is make more speeches and had more prime time press conferences in his first year than any president has had in their first term. " (quotes from:
Are Hillary Clinton supporters murmuring I told you so?)

For registered Democrats who backed the most qualified candidate in 2008, the one who got more popular votes than the other one, the Obama the rest of the world is waking up to this last year is EXACTLY who we thought he'd be. There isn't any satisfaction in saying "I told you so".

We are all suffering from his inexperience, dithering, and out-sourcing of his presidency to the likes of Reid and Pelosi. He seems more interested in appearing on television than in showing up to actually do his job. The incredible lunacy of giving a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who has played no role on the world stage at creating *actual peace* may well have been the uncomfortable dose of reality that finally shattered the denial.

Around the world our allies think he's a joke, and our adversaries know he's soft. They grow stronger as he recycles the appeasement policy that allowed Hitler to strengthen Germany and bring disaster to Europe. Think that's a bit of a strong analogy? Iran is working on a nuclear trigger. Enough said.