Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Palin at Tea Party

Sarah Palin did a fabulous job at the Tea Party Convention on Saturday. I watched her speech, and found myself agreeing with much of what she said. Not all of it. But what I agree with most is that she is saying all the things that need to be said.

She is speaking for those in both parties who have had it with politics as usual. The cronism, backroom deals, buy-offs, and disregard for what voters actually WANT doesn't change, whether it is the GOP or the Democrats. Many, many voters are sick of it.

And what does the media and the liberal leftie nutballs focus on? That she had notes on her hand. Their guy needs teleprompters to talk to 6th graders, and these fools have the gall to ridicule her for jotting a note to self on her hand!

OMG people!

But it's so typical of what women go through. It's SOME BODY PART that gets noticed. Her legs, Hillary's hair, Hillary's cleavage, Pelosi's botoxed forehead.

Not the SUBSTANCE of what she said, because she hit the ball out of the park with her criticisms of Obama and the Democrats. Never the substance with those who hate her because they fear her.

Love this comeback by Sarah. Note the "Hi Mom" on her hand!

I do not fear a Palin presidency. I like that she speaks plainly, that she doesn't put on airs or try to be anyone but who she is. She isn't a blank slate that people project their desires upon, like Obama proudly claimed to be. She has opinions. She speaks her mind. You know where she stands.

She has the likeability factor that people can connect with. And those people aren't just gun-toting Christians. They are Republicans who are sick of their party's corruption. They are Clinton Democrats who didn't want Obama as our candidate in 2008. They are Reagan Democrats. All kinds of people, who are tired of the lies. Tired of the debt. Tired of the Wall Street bailouts. Tired of Rahm Emnauel style Chicago politics in our White House. Tired of a president who doesn't understand this country, who apologizes for it, who kowtows to foreign leaders, disses our traditional allies, and weakens us EVERY DAY with his astronomical deficits, pork-filled Obamacare, and his narcicissm that loves being president even though he has no idea how to actually do the job.

I don't care if Sarah Palin writes notes from her elbow to her shoulder! I'd much rather listen to someone speak from the heart than listen to someone mouthing platitudes someone else wrote, that are mere words on a paper when it comes to living up to them.

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