Friday, March 26, 2010

Better and Better

It is week 7 of my new life, and I am heartened by the change in my spirit. Excitement has returned. Creativity is on the upswing. I had no idea my creative juices had dried up so much, no doubt in reaction to the unspoken negativity surrounding me.  Stories are coming. Ideas are waving their hands to get my attention. I'm excited about what I will be doing this weekend at home and with friends.  Solutions are popping up and every day brings me further down the road to recovery. 

Evenings at home feel like HOME again. No ghosts. It feels completely like my house and that is a comforting feeling. I'm sleeping well and having fun. Lots of ideas about how to improve things slowly over the next year.

I do not recommend getting your heart broken as a catalyst for shifting your life, but if it happens to you, as it did to me. work with it. Feel the feelings. Grieve. Journal. Talk to friends. Do positive things. Be kind to yourself every day. Do not nurture anger. And keep moving, keep looking ahead. The day does come when there is more thought going on for what is than for what was, and hallelujah for that!

It can seem like nothing changes for long periods of time, but really there are tiny shifts every day.  The key for me is to be open to the shifts that take me forward on my journey.

Had the relationship survived, I'd not be where I am now, with the ideas I have, the opportunities before me, or the courage to seize them. It would have been a good life and I don't compare it with where I am today. One isn't better than the other. They are two different things.

But one can't have both, so given there was no choice, I embrace building a fabulous new single life, I am doing very damn well at it!

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