Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brazil Flips Us Off

Brazil told Hillary Clinton no to supporting U.S. sanctions against Iran. They want a few more months of negotiations instead. With Clinton, who represents Barack Obama, standing there, Foreign Minister Celso Amorium said "We will not simply bow down to the evolving consensus if we do not agree."

The world picture continues to get fuzzier and fuzzier, and U.S. influence grows weaker and weaker.

I so hate that Secretary Clinton is going to go down with the Obama ship. No wonder she doesn't want a second term as SOS. I hope history will record that she did her best to represent this country, that she conducted herself with honor and dignity, even when the policy she was presenting was significantly weaker than past administrations, and roundly rejected by former allies.

She's had to represent us after Obama bowed in subsurvience to other foreign leaders, insulted allies, and tried to win over enemies who laughed in his face for being so weak and foolish. She was out doing her best while he received a joke of a Nobel prize and attended that ludicrous "climate summit".

No one should doubt her patriotism, or that she doesn't have the best interests of this country at heart, if she can represent Obama's magical thinking foreign policy, and do so with earnestness and industriousness. Whatever her private thoughts on all of that simplistic nonsense must be, she keeps her game face on and does the job.

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