Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dead Congress Walking

Dead Congress Walking
"A stranger moment in politics has seldom been seen. A vast expansion of government that affects every one of the country’s 300-plus million inhabitants may be passed by a hair against fierce and fiercely repeated public opposition by a Congress that no longer speaks for its voters—most of whose members are angry and scared. They are afraid of their voters, and mad at each other, or rather, the Democrats are: The liberals are mad at the centrists, the centrists are mad at the liberals. Democrats in the House are angry at those in the Senate, and deeply suspicious of being betrayed. The centrists are also mad at Obama, for picking the wrong cause (health care and not the economy), doing it in the wrong way (big and expensive, not incremental and smaller), and pushing them to risk their careers in backing a cause and a program neither they nor their constituents want..."

Is this really the change you people wanted? 10% unemployment, a massive deficit that makes us long for the Bush deficit, on the outs with our allies - including Israel now, laughed at by our enemies.

Remember all that "yes we can" bullshit? This is the change you brought down upon our heads because you just couldn't wake up and see the truth of your messiah and his empty words.

Many of us did see through him. We warned about what he'd do. And we were called bitter. Racist. Put down. Mocked. Threatened.

And we were right. Obama, in just over a year, is shaping up to be the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Let's hope that, like Carter, we only have to endure 4 years of this, and that the damage wrought by Obama/Pelosi/Reid isn't fatal.

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