Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gov. Kaine wrote to me!

Yes, he sent me this "personal" email:

"Janis --

I just met with the President, where I was proud to fill him in on all the great work that you're doing to pass health reform."

Wow! He talked to Obama about ME and my great work. Except that I am working against Obamacare, not for it!

"We spoke about the calls you've made, the letters you've written, and the terrific events you've organized on the ground."

I"m glad that he told Obama I've been writing Maurice Hinchey, Charles Schumer, and Kristen Gillibrand, imploring them to vote against this mess of a health care bill.

And he asked me to pass along a message to you: All of your hard work is paying off. The conversations he's been having with members of Congress in these days are far more productive because you've spoken up back home.

Oh good! Does that mean this mistake of a health bill will die in the House? I hope so!

"The President is optimistic -- and thinks we're going to have a vote and pass reform very, very soon. But he also made it clear that he's not letting up for a moment, and urged that all of us do the same."

Love how they call it reform. It's not reform. Let's be clear on that.

Isn't this the same President that just said all the pay-offs and vote buys would be removed from the thing, only guess what - they aren't being removed? So evidently he's not letting up for a moment on his efforts to mislead the American people while he and his minions try to buy a way to get this mess rammed through?

"We'll all need to step up to help the President pass reform. Can you take a moment right now to write to your member of Congress?"

Of course! So I followed their link, and changed the letter they so thoughtfully provided, sending the following to Rep. Hinchey:

I'm writing to implore you to stand up for folks like me and vote against Obamacare. Passing this boondoggle will be hugely harmful to small businesses and families in our district and around the country. We can't afford this massive change to our economy in such dire economic times. 10% of Americans are out of work. We need jobs, not pay offs to Congress and more profits for pharmaceutical companies.

I wanted to let you know that voters in our state will hold members of Congress accountable in coming elections for foisting this disaster on us.

I know that the final vote will be very close, and wanted to let you know that voters at home are watching to see if you vote for the Party or you vote for us.

Thank you.

Of course once you hit "send", you are taken to a page where you can - wait for it - donate money!  Oh yes. Never miss an opportunity to raise more money for Obama. It's all about the money anyway.

And check out the spiffy Obamacare logo. This guy is relentless in branding himself and everything he touches. He was elected president, yet he still is using his own symbols and iconography. Doesn't that bother people?

Here it is his personal logo rising over a map of America - a map laid flat which is very symbolic of what he is doing to this country - knocking us on our backs.  Check out the faux cadeceus, with the divine rays of light coming out from behind it.  At least it represents the millions of people who will be crippled financially when our employers drop group life insurance, rates go sky high, and taxes on the middle class are raised to pay for this mess.

But the star of this logo, of this narcicissist drama, is none other than Obama himself. It's about the legacy he wants to leave, which is to remake this country in the image he holds for it, not in the ways we need or want.  He is not about what is good for this country. He doesn't care if he only has one term. He's said that, people. Believe him.

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