Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hater's Hate

The media and internet is awash with Palin Derangement Syndrome and it is frightening to behold.  No matter what she does, they attack, belittle, threaten, or attempt to diminish her.  It's because she's a woman. A very smart, charistmatic, woman with a message that resonates across the country and across party lines. So what does the lamestream media, the Democratic Party, and the online progresives do about such a person? Try to destroy her.

The Obama liberals will say it's because she doesn't know the right kind of stuff about politics. They like to paint her as stupid, naive, and dangerous because she scares the bejeezus out of them. Why are they scared? Because she is anything but stupid and naive, but she is certainly dangerous to the status quo.

She says out loud what so many Americans are thinking. Since she is not beholden to the Republican Party they can't control her. She is not limited to touting their narrow set of beliefs. She's set out on a mission to speak about what matters to average tax payers, who are tired of big deficits, runaway borrowing and spending, ill-conceived bills (stimulus, health care) shoved through by a partisan congress who votes against the will of the people.

And she's making a boatload of money, and that really pisses them off!

How dare she charge speaking fees!  Or make money on her book! Or sell a reality series to a television station! Or host a program on American Stories on FOX!

This is all, in liberal eyes, very suspicious activity.  I call it entrenprenurship, the American Dream unfolding before us. And they are so jealous.

She's doing everything outside the box and it is freaking people out.

Me, I love her. I don't agree with everything she says, but I love what she stands for, as a woman. I love how she scares people by refusing to be controlled, quiet, or predictable.

We need more women like Sarah Palin in the spotlight in this country. Go Sarah Go!

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