Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tired of the Game

We are voiceless and powerless in this country. I've known that for a long time, but it's really hard to accept that politicians in D.C. don't give a damn about the people who send them there. The president cares only about his "legacy" and getting re-elected. Bills get passed that majorities of us don't want and we can't do a damn thing about it.

We are spectators in the career moves and bids for history of selfish people. The greatness of this country has been destroyed. We are up to our ass in debt. Our former allies dismiss us. Our enemies laugh at us.

This is not the country I was born into. I barely recognize it. How can I feel so alienated from the Democratic Party that I vote for Repubicans? I watch FOX at times I care about news, because I don't trust the networks or CNN to be impartial. Not because FOX is impartial, but because they will cover politically incorrect news tha doesn't make it to air on the others.

Under Bush we became the Soviet Union, with our invasions, emphasis on the military, and crushing patriotism.

Under Obama, we are becoming Europe, impotent, strapped by  social programs we can't afford, and irrevocably split along stupid party lines.

The quality of life in this country continues to erode, and nobody cares. Drive up the deficit. Tax the serfs more. Drive business out of the country. Ignore unemployment.

It's insane.

I dont' know what it will take for us to wake up as  a nation to how badly things have strayed away from what this country used to stand for. Or for anyone to have the courage to do anything about it. For the next 3 years we are on a collision course with disaster.  Obama intends to focus next on the environment, once more ignoring the growing unemployment disaster, in favor of environmental ideas that have been show to be the result of manipulated "science".

I'm taking a break from giving a shit about it, until something happens to signal that we, as a nation, have pulled our heads out of our asses, cleaned house in D.C., and are determined to save this country from ruin. Our days as a superpower are over. China will eclipse us and we will have only ourselves to blame.

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