Saturday, April 3, 2010

And Yet, Not Yet, Welcome to Ithaca, and other unrelated ideas... Or How to Make Magic!

Every story about magic should start with a black cat, eh?

At writing group today, we were given a sheet of titles from a book of poetry. There must have been a dozen of them.  Our task was to write something, using any of the titles as inspiration.  At first, I was stumped. I read the whole thing through twice and nothing stood out to me. 

I was feeling blue this morning and had cried on the way down there. Today was going to be a day to mourn again, and I can't stop that from happening. All I can do is let it happen and trust it will pass. But when I am in it, creativity seems to be very hard to access.

But today, one of our members came in late, and I overhead Zee tell her to "use these any way you want" and I suddenly got inspired. I would use all of them to tell a story. So I did. And the story the Universe gave me was compelling, made sense, and easily used the titles in a meaningful way.  I ended up with a lovely story that made me happy.

But more importantly, the story was my higher self's way of sending me an important message. It was a reminder of my skill at taking a variety of seemingly unrelated ideas and weaving them together into something that works. I am using that skill right now to achieve the goals I am setting. I may not yet be able to see the whole story, but I have the strands of active threads in my hands, and when I am done weaving, I believe I will have crafted the solutions I desire,  because I have a knack for making positive things happen.Sometimes I forget that.

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