Monday, April 5, 2010

Announcers of LPGA Events Need to Focus on WOMEN

 (Julie Inkster, winner of 1984 Kraft-Nabisco (Dinah Shore) major)

I get SO TIRED of male announcers at LPGA events making constant references to male golfers. Wake up, gentlemen. You are at a WOMENS event, and there have been scores of talented women golfers who have played in these tournaments.

Reference them!

I dont' watch the MPGA so you wistful invoking of Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, blah blah blah means NOTHING TO ME.

I'd much prefer stories about Annika Sorenstam, Judy Rankin (1976 winner of Colgate-Dinah Shore and 25 other LPGA victories) who sits there and puts up with this bullshit), Julie Inkster, Dottie Pepper, Karrie Webb, Amy Alcott, ... Get it?

And one of those morons kept calling them girls, then correcting himself to say women. It's pretty obvious he has the "little missy" mindset when he isn't getting a paycheck to call a women's event.

And why are there men on the mikes? Can't they find enough women golfers to cover all of those positions? I want to hear commentary from women who know how the game is played, who understand how women approach golf.

It is also unbelievable sexist and insulting that during the first major of the LPGA season, we had CONSTANT references to a men's major that is played at a golf course that does not allow women as members.  How sexist and backward is that?

Scant mention of great former women champions, but plenty of talk about that cheating scumbag Woods.  Guess what, guys? We women don't have a very high opinion of married men who can't keep their pants on, so talking about the king of copulation during a women's major tournament is classless and clueless. 

So don't intone Augusta to me, boys. It's a haven for rich men that excludes the majority of American citizens.  I'll never watch one second of their little green jacket tournament until they stop discriminating against women.

(Nanzy Lopez, 1981 winner of the Colgate-Dinah Shore major)

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