Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goals and Dreams

With Washington spinning away in its alternate universe, and fuck all we can do about it until November, I suggest you do as I am, and turn your eyes toward your own inner universe.  Take up residence in the magical place within.  There is always more joy we can create. More ways to blossom as people and live the best life we can create.

Setting goals, naming a dream to pursue, and claiming my right to the experience I want to have has always been powerful for me.  It is my birthright. And yours.

Last night, walking my labyrinth, I set a spiritual goal and a mundane goal. My spiritual goal was to be in love with my life at the deepest possible level. Every day it is my job to seek joy. To encourage and love myself, and to give that to others as well.

The mundale goal is paying off my car by the end of 2010.  A year ago, I was out of debt, with only a mortage and living expenses.  Then my beloved Ford Escape died. It would have cost more to fix it than it was worth. So I bought a newer Escape, which is my new beloved, but alas, it came with payments...

So it is my commitment to pay that off as soon as possible, with end of 2010 as my goal date. It is not up to me to figure out completely how to make that happen. Just be committed to it, seize opportunities, and direct extra funds toward that goal.

I will set other goals and dream other dreams in these sun-filled days of spring. My life is about being happy and feeling good.  Today is a good day, made better by my not reading one news story about the dysfunction in D. C.!

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