Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here's a laugh for ya!

Got this amusing little email from Obama front man, Gov. Tim Kaine, asking for money of course, to fight those darned Republicans who want to repeal "everything".  Here's the funny part. Ready?

"...If Republicans get their way, they'll roll back everything we've done to lower taxes, create jobs, ensure fair pay for women, and restore funding for stem cell research..."

When did ANY OF THAT happen in the past year? Taxes are going UP not down. We are at 10% of Americans unemployed and the only reason there are some new jobs to count is because of the Census, which is required to happen by law, not because of growth in the economy.

Obama may have gotten to sign the Ledbetter law, but it was written and championed by other people. But then, he always takes credit for what others do because he does so little himself.

What the Dems have given us is DEBT, DEBT, DEBT. 

But I can imagine the liberal minions reaching for their debit and credit cards, ready to pour more money into the DNC coffers. 

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