Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party Protests and The Wise Men Of Chelm

Tea Party Protests and The Wise Men Of Chelm
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, The Moderate Voice.

An excellent use of story to illustrate that even those whose politics we do not agree with may be making points we need to hear. She writes:

"...In our time, though, witnessing the bank bailouts, and the early ka-jillion dollar parachutes given executives in insurance and banking for bailing before the animal offal hit the windmill… watching the many men who covered, dodged and feinted with deals and ‘creative book-keeping” that would make the find-the-rabbit optical illusion books look simplistic… watching especially the rush to not bank the real fires burning us all down… covering the fact that our country and the world is literally bankrupt in more ways than one… literally adding more fuel to the fire…

Literally seeing all that, and being unable to talk sense into any official with even a modicum of power… I thought of one of the stories about the Wise Men of Chelm my Old Country immigrant father used to tell.."

I’d suggest some who speak for what is called the Tea party, be listened to, that their words be seen and weighed especially about bailouts past and bailouts planned without careful line by line and full accounting. Many tea party protesters appear to reason it’s not a good idea to try to stifle the burning flame with more precious resource. Some members of the Tea party hold that spreading the fire out to the entire village is an extreme foolishness that destroys, rather than creating parity and opportunity.

Who’s the fool and who is not, may be the final determinant of whether we live with as much parity among people as reasonably possible, or whether we sit on the hill rationalizing how good it is to eat ashes."

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