Thursday, May 6, 2010


"Those who can see beyond the horizon and do not stay in the valley and play the victim are those who not only are resilient but also open the door to other possibilities and sometimes great opportunities." - Rebecca Shambaugh

In a wonderful post titled Are You as Resilient as Hillary Clinton?, Shambaugh talks about how resiliency has such a huge impact on the quality of someone's life. Even if you are a Hillary hater, don't let it stop you from reading what Shambaugh has to say about how perseverence and determination can carry any one of us through rough times and into a whole new opportunity.

We would miss these opportunities if we stayed in the valley and played victim. 

Shambaugh writes:

"How Resilient Are You?

If you are wondering just how likely you are to be resilient at this point in your life, here are a few easy questions to ask yourself. The more times you answer yes, the more likely you are to tap into your resiliency factor.

1. ___ I'm usually optimistic. I see difficulties as temporary, expect to overcome them, and believe that things will turn out well.

2. ___ I can tolerate high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity.

3. ___ I'm able to recover emotionally from setbacks. I can express my feelings to friends and ask them for help.

4. ___ I feel self-confident and have a healthy concept of who I am.
5. ___ I hold up well during tough times. I have an independent spirit underneath my cooperative way of working with others.

6. ___ I've been made stronger and better by difficult experiences.

7. ___ I've converted misfortune into good luck and found benefits in bad experiences.

8. ___ I demonstrate the courage to stand up for what I believe in or feel is important, and I am not afraid of taking prudent risks.

9. ___ I don't give up easily. I stay the course even when I get discouraged.

10. ___ I am comfortable with change. I look for opportunities to learn new things and visibly support the change efforts."

How resilient are you? I am happy to say I am very resilient.  Frankly, the view from Victim Valley sucks!

The post is an excerpt from Shambaugh's book, Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton.

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