Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Don't Need More Laws!

Obama went on t.v. last night so that, as Rahm Emanual likes to say, a good crisis doesn't go to waste. He wants to now push an energy agenda on us, as if the gulf oil gusher and his carbon tax are somehow related!

Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together buy this?

We don't need more laws. We are regulated and taxed beyond bearing right now. We've got reams of laws on the books that aren't enforced, that contradict each other. Laws, like Obamacare that the majority of Americans did not want but got foisted on them by Democrats who don't want to "waste" their majority. So screw the voters. Let's push something through...

We need to rethink what it means to be a senator or representative. The offices are often referred to as "law-makers". What if they became instead "law-enforcers"? What if they actually voted on things based on their constituents and not on whether the White House strong-armed them into political suicide?

The disconnect in D.C. just gets wider and wider, and Obama's speech last night did nothing to bridge the gap. He is hell bent on another piece of legislation he can point to in his old age as something his administration did.

And to hell with us.

To hell with jobs.

He wants to spend yet more money he'll have to borrow from China, shoving the debt ever higher, and all for his own ego. Not to serve you and me.

Because if he was serving you and me, he'd have put his efforts into jobs, not into Obama care.

He'd have been kicking BP's ass back when this first happened, instead of golfing, throwing lavish parties, and hanging out with sports stars and other celebrities.

Instead, he outsourced his responsibility and let BP handle things. They totally fucked it up. Only when his administration realized we were actually blaming the show dog sitting in the Oval Office for his lack of attention, let alone action, did he muster himself for a photo op on a beach.

Now we've got the dog-and-pony show of him belatedly visiting the gulf 4 times, to act presidential. I do believe he is as horrified by this as the rest of us are. But this is his job. The one he campaigned for. The one he broke campaign laws and fundraising laws to buy. You don't get to pick and choose which parts of it need attention.  His response to this makes Bush continuing to read to the kids after first reports of planes flying into buildings on 911 look downright decisive.

On April 20th the oil rig exploded.  On June 16th he finally meets with BP executives. This catastrophe is on his watch and is his responsibility. It's too little too late, in my opinion.

This was the 3 a.m. phone call, and he didn't answer the phone.

He is so enamoured with being president, with the cool jacket you get to fly on Marine I, the people who fawn over you at parties, the access you get to the famous and powerful, that he doesn't seem to get he is not the emperor of the U.S. He isn't in D. C. to have a good time at our expense. To push his agenda.  He is our SERVANT.

And he's doing a lousy ass job.

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