Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Feminism Needs to Grow UP

Women have avoided the Feminist label for years because it was weighed down and every woman judged by one issue and one issue only - abortion.  How 1960s is that.

Women of the Gloria Steinem ilk think they own the term Feminist, but they don't.  It's time they wake up to the fact that what was a defining issue for them 40+ years ago is not the defining issue for women today.

Our defining issue is that we are STILL locked out of power. We are divided against ourselves, supporting outdated ideals and cutting each other off at the knees over nonsense.

Feminism is about putting women and women's issues first. Issues PLURAL.

That means Republican women, like Sarah Palin, can call themselves Feminists. Hell, any woman can, if their emphasis is on bettering life for women. Not just liberal women. Or agnostic women.  Or Democratic women.  All women.

The 2008 election showed up in ugly terms that the glass ceiling remains intact and that woman-hating is still a favorite blood-sport in this country. We finally had two serious women candidates, one for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, and the other for the vice-presidency on the GOP ticket.   THAT HAD NEVER HAPPENED IN U.S. HISTORY.

One of the most amazing, historic, once-in-a-lifetime-perhaps, moments in women's political history.

And did Feminists and established Feminist groups help women candidates? NOW, NARAL, and other so-called women's groups, right along with Steinem and other so-called Feminist leaders, sold out female candidates and supported men.



Here's ol' Gloria in an interview this week with Katie Couric, another one who sold out the sisterhood in 2008:  “you can't be a feminist who says other women can't have an abortion."

Grow up, Gloria.

Women will continue to be second best, bit players, watchers, bridesmaids, until women stop judging each other and vote for each other.

I am a registered Democrat and I voted for the major party ticket with a woman on it. In 2008, that meant McCain/Palin.  It took 24 years for Palin to follow Ferraro and make it to a major party presidential ticket as VP candidate.

24 freakin' years, Gloria.

I was NOT about to give my vote to yet another male/male ticket. And I wont' do it in 2012 either, if there is any ticket, anywhere, with a woman on it.

That is Feminism, Gloria.

Unless Obama gets poll-desperate, and dumps his golfing buddie, Biden, don't look for a woman to be on either party's ticket in 2012. 

Gloria, stick your abortion barometer in the drawer and come join the new womens movement that is about - gasp - ALL WOMEN! Not just the ones who think like you.

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