Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama Loves Being King!

Averaging a party every 3 days at the White House, and getting set to embark on vacation #3 since the Deepwater Horizon blew up, sunk, and set up a gusher in the Gulf, Barry sure does like the perks that go along with the presidency.

And is our intrepid leader heading to the Gulf, to bring some tourism dollars to that stricken region like he has suggested the rest of us do?  Of course not.

He is heading to Maine which, other than Alaska, is about as far north as one can get from fouled beaches and still be in the USA.

I guess he's looking for another opportunity to golf, since he's teed it up 10 times since the oil started gushing.

Now tell me, in what job that you've had, were you given three vacations in the first year?

What job gave you time off during the day to golf?

What job paid you to throw parties and hang with celebrities?

This imperial presidency he's got going here makes me sick. So much money being squandered to entertain him.  I don't want to see him vacationing or golfing. I want to see pictures of his ass in his office, working.  This is a four year job, and we expect results.

So far, the American people haven't gotten what we wanted. We've only gotten what he wanted. Insurance company legislation. Wall Street legislation.  Suing a STATE over a law they only passed because the U.S. of A. is too busy occupying two other countries to secure our own borders.

I've got a vacation coming next month. It will be my first since April, not my third. Wonder if he'll be working on vacay #4 by then?

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