Friday, July 30, 2010

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

An excellent piece by Larry Johnson of No Quarter, on how the veneer of competence has slid off to reveal the face of a clueless Obama.

And speaking of veneer, I just had to put up this picture, which accompanies Larry's article, of Obama with his feet on the Resolute Desk. WTF!!!

The Resolute Desk was a gift from Queen Victoria in 1880 to the U.S. during the presidency of Rutherford Hayes. Visit the White House Museum website to learn the history of this incredible piece and see pictures of how presidents used the Resolute Desk, dating back to President McKinley in 1899.

I found this amazing sentence on the White House Museum homepage, and it pretty much sums up the photo above:

What the president has on his desk is often symbolic of his style and experience.

What does Obama have on his desk? His feet! 

His desk is as sparse as his resume. No coincidence, that.

I knew at as a child not to put my feet on the furniture!And this fool has his feet on a priceless antique, a symbol of the Oval Office and the U.S. Presidency. What makes this worse, is that he clearly knew there was a photographer kneeling on the floor behind him, snapping this picture. He didn't care.

His lack of regards for an icon of the highest office in the land is a further manifestation of his lack of regard for our country. He is an embarrassment to the Oval Office and the sooner his 4 years are up, the better.

This is the same desk, BTW...

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