Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink Elephants

I can hear the gnashing of Gloria Steinem's teeth... Don't be afraid of Republican Women. They just might do what the liberal and Democratic women have failed to do - break the glass ceiling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I am not afraid of a President Palin.  In 43 and 44, we've had the two worst presidents in U.S. history back to back (W and O).  Sarah as 45 can't be any worse and she may be one hell of a lot better.

And she's a woman, so if she's on the ticket, she gets my vote.

May I predict here and now that if it looks like Palin is running, Obama will dump Biden and try to get Hillary to join him. She's such a loyal soldier to the Dems that she'd do it.  And he won't be crucified like John McCain did for pulling in a woman to get the women's vote.  Although, the bloom is off the rose with that guy, so who knows what the media may be saying by then. But Sarah is still a Republican, so the media will no doubt hold their nose at his transparent grab for term 2, and give him a pass.

Anyway, I love the pink elephants/mama grizzlies image.  I love to see brave women take on entrenched positions, and in Sarah's case, she's got an army at her back.

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In Mary's Image said...

Hi, have you seen this report on the Obama fraud during the primaries.