Sunday, September 5, 2010

Covert Personal Politics in the Age of Obama

Twice lately I've seen this play out.  I live in a very liberal town. VERY liberal. Conservatives are the minority, and if you didn't vote for Obama, well you just don't mention that... Everyone assumes you are one of the Faithful, and talk to you as if you are. Making those condescending Lefty comments about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and the Democrats who didn't support Obama.  Glibly labeling these folk racists, with the assumption that anyone who didn't get on board the Change Express in 2008 has lesser intelligence than these uber smart folk who cried when he won.

So a relative came to town from out of state.  When two of us were alone with her, she said oh so carefully, do you like Obama?  It was said in such a way that if one of us had gushed "oh I LOVE him" she could have smiled politely, made some PC noise, and moved the conversation to the weather. But we both said "not really" and it was like we'd given the secret password or the special handshake.  Three of us had a conversation about the failed policies, debt, health debacle, and embarassing foreign missteps of this Administration.  But as soon as one of our Lefty relatives headed toward us we'd clam up conspiratorialy, and shift to talking about something else.

Yesterday I took a flight out of town. The woman I sat next to was from Birmingham, AL.  We were chatting along about her visit to my area. My travel plans. Her kids. The decline in our lifetimes in the quality of public schools.  We hit on local politics in our states, and both agreed there was a lot of corruption. Then, *the look* from her and the oh-so-careful "things in Washington aren't any better".  I agreed. And before long, we were talking happily together about women in politics, and discovering we both not only had voted for Sarah Palin in 2008, but liked her very much and were glad she remained on the scene to this day.

It was really nice to talk to someone who, at the mention of Sarah, didn't roll their eyes, or snort in disgust, or trot out one of the Lefty put downs of Palin (most common I've heard is snide reference to when she wrote on her hand backstage, while President Teleprompter gets a pass for dragging his electronic pacifier everywhere from convention halls to 6th grade classrooms...).

The intellectual arrogance of the Change-istas remains quite strong, even as the truth of their fearless leader is being driven home more and more every day. They see him squandering taxpayer money with excesses while unemployment remains frighteningly high. 

What leaves me scratching my head is how so many of them now are behind this idea that Obama should drop Biden and put Hillary on the ticket in 2012.  These are the same people who cheered when Obama flipped Hillary off in 2008!

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